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Advantages of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Integrates Vibration

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Thank you for the indenters (diamond  cone 120 degrees). We recently got it and already tested it. Indenters  are good as we expected. 

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The Measurements are good for Brinell Tester HBST-3000.

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Advantages of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Integrates Vibration
Latest company news about Advantages of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Integrates Vibration


Advantages of Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Integrates Vibration


In order to speed up the corrosion test to approach the actual natural conditions, the three-comprehensive test chamber simulates the common conditions in the natural environment and combines salt spray and other strict conditions that are several times more severe than the natural environment.


Dry, wet, room temperature static, low temperature and other environments can be tested in any order or separately.


The main test products are products used under intense environmental changes, such as automotive parts and aviation equipment, photographic equipment, building materials, suitable for electric coatings, electronic motor systems and other metal electrochemical reactions.


Compared with a single factor, the three-comprehensive test chamber can more truly reflect the adaptability of electronic products to the changes in temperature, humidity and vibration in the complex environment during transportation and actual use, expose the defects of the products, and is an indispensable and important test method for the entire process of new product development, sample testing, and product qualification testing.


Composition of the three-comprehensive test chamber:

The three-comprehensive test chamber is mainly composed of the test chamber body, motion connection system, control system, refrigeration/dehumidification system, heating/humidification system, duct system, etc.


Advantages of the three-in-one test chamber:

1. The main core components are all imported parts, which can ensure the normal and efficient operation of the test chamber;


2. The test chamber can operate continuously and effectively at low temperature for 1,000 hours without frost and temperature rise;


3. Multiple safety measures, fault alarm display, fault cause and troubleshooting function display;


4. The test chamber adopts a self-developed control system with high precision and simple operation. The controller abandons the fixed and rigid mode of controllers such as Japan and South Korea, and adopts new fuzzy calculation technology to automatically analyze the load capacity and reasonably adjust the refrigerant flow, so that the three-in-one test chamber can save 20% energy;


5. The test chamber adopts the method of self-production and self-sale, which eliminates the intermediate links, maximizes the interests of customers, does not reduce the quality of equipment, and spends less money to buy the three-in-one test chamber you need.


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